• Start your life in Japan in a friendly and spacious, multi-cultural community! A modern and spacious place for men to live in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

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    See some shots of the house along with what it looks like around here sometimes at dinner! Also featuring our ladies-only sharehouse, Blossom.

  • love your life abroad

    Living abroad is both exciting and challenging, so it's important that you have a comfortable home environment where you can get good rest, good food and have a good time with friends.


    Having your own quiet space as well as multicultural buddies around to share life will enrich your life and boost your Japanese learning speed as well! We offer rooms for men hoping to stay at least 1 month.


    Located centrally for great access to downtown as well as nature and the mountains, this area has been recently undergoing a new-housing revival with dozens and dozens of new houses appearing in this desirable neighborhood.

    fully-furnished for your comfort and convenience

    Don't worry about having to run around town setting up your own place, or having to share your space with too many people. The 3 residents at Living English share a full-sized fridge and a modern and easy-to-use kitchen. Reclining lounge chair and full-size sofa make relaxing in the family room a breeze. TV, dining table, laundry machine, bed, desk, office chair and more are all provided as well. Shared spaces are cleaned by our staff twice per week.

    Custom-built in 2013

    Custom-designed and built for the purpose of life together, Living English is a modern, high-end house offering all the comfort and amenities one could demand. While the 3 residents share a kitchen, living/dining room, bath facilities and restroom, they each have their own spacious fully-furnished bedroom. If you'd like to move in long-term, there's room for your furniture and your stuff. If you're just coming short-term, there's enough here for you to make a comfortable living. Built with a steel frame and concrete paneling, the house shrugs off Japan's frequent earthquakes with ease. Thanks to the powerful heated floors and central heating, along with 24-hour air filtration in every room, you'll be healthy and cozy regardless of the season.

    pricing info

    Including furniture and 2 meals a week, the rent is 47,000 yen per month, along with a management fee of 6,000 yen per month, which includes all the little things you don't want to have to worry about, like:

    -Furniture, lighting, curtains

    -Toiletpaper, tissue

    -Laundry detergent, laundry machine

    -Cleaning in the shared areas twice a week

    -We're happy to arrange a futon, sheets, blankets and a pillow if required.

  • Stats at a glance

    The convenience of the big city, with the comfort of home.


    minutes walk to the nearest convenience store


    resident bedrooms available


    of satisfied residents of all nationalities


    minutes walk to the nearest train station

    2 meals a week together

    breakfast & dinner to match your schedule


    minutes walk to the nearest supermarket

    room keys

    each room has it's own key for privacy

    free parking

    car and bike parking

    huge closets

    Two per resident


    soap, toilet paper, and others included for your convenience!

  • facility details

    Spacious Living/Dining/Kitchen

    Connect and relax!

    Whether you want to relax in front of the TV or have a meal with friends, this is the place to relax!

    Modern System Kitchen

    A large fridge and all you'll need to get by!

    We also provide the basics of dishes, pans and utensils.

    Luxurious Full Bath & Laundry

    Take your time and get ready for the day at your own pace!

    Bathroom and changing rooms this size simply don't exist in Japan!

    Simple Utilities

    Each room with it's own panel heater!

    Straightforward heating and windows, and utility fees are shared between the 3 residents. This usually works out to be much cheaper than renting your own apartment or living in any of the other sharehouses in Sapporo.


    Stay connected!

    "No wifi no life" is what they say in Japan.

    Spacious Storage!

    Each room has a spacious storage area!

    Typically, Japanese residences have small closets that are hard to work with. Since we've struggled with that too, we've made each closet huge so you don't have to! You'll have an additional large closet in the hallway as well. This hallway serves as a buffer between the bedrooms and the Living/Dining area to keep things quiet for you during rest time as well.

    High-End Insulation

    Sekisui House is one of the premier builders in Japan!

    Utilizing only the highest-end manufacturing and building techniques, as well as high-end insulation, this house stays warm even when winter gets out of hand. The windows are double-paned and the building itself is a steel-framed, concrete-paneled, super-earthquake resistant building. This is an actual shot from the construction.

    Bright & Peaceful

    Huge double-paned windows and room to stretch out!

    Not many spaces are comfortable for Westerners in Japan. Since we designed and built this house on our own, we built it with you in mind. Stretch out, lay down, do some exercise or just relax!

    Spacious Bedrooms

    High ceilings make for an excellent loft bed experience!

    Each room includes a spacious and sturdy steel loft bed. Rolling chair, carpet, filing cabinet and 2 large closets (including laundry rail) are included as well. Each room has 3 power outlets and the ceiling lights include remote controls as well, so it's easy to power down from bed. East-facing windows make for a healthy lifestyle and plenty of daytime sunlight.

  • room availability

    Room 101

    Currently Unavailable

    Room 102

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    Room 103

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  • Nitobe college

    Living English is a perfect match for those studying at Hokkaido University's Nitobe College! "Study abroad" while living in Japan!

  • fAq

    Who can live at Living English?

    Living English is a sharehouse designed for men who can speak English and/or Japanese to some degree, who are interested in a multi-cultural community. We generally get to know prospective residents to ensure they are a good fit for the group .


    Are there any age limitations?

    There aren’t any age limitations per-se, but Living English has been designed to be a community centered around men in their teens, 20s and 30s.


    What kind of contract is involved?

    We’re open to residents looking to stay longer than 1 month. For those interested in saving some money, we do offer discounts on 3-month-prepaid and 6-month-prepaid arrangements as well. To learn more, please get in touch.


    How much will it cost to get started?


    The initial security deposit is 30,000 yen, and the applicant is also required to pay the initial 2 month’s rent and management fees pro-rated. So if you come in halfway through a month, you'll need to pay the remainder of that month, plus the next month's rent, plus the security deposit. Security deposits are used to clean and restore the room and shared spaces to a usable condition after usage, so you may not receive the entirety of your initial deposit back.



    What’s included in the management fees?

    Cleaning and supplies for the shared spaces, including toilet paper and soap, as well as necessary maintenance of the furniture and appliances.


    How does payment for rent + management fees work?

    Rent and management fees are paid at the end of the month for the next month. Typically, residents arrange an auto-withdrawal from their bank account to pay on the 28th of each month. We're able to receive payments in Yen or USD, and we're also able to use payment methods like Paypal, SquareCash, etc, though additional fees may apply.


    How does payment for utilities work?

    Utilities (gas, electricity, water, propane) are split equally between the residents each month. Residents will pay the managers using the prescribed method each month.


    Who handles the cleaning?

    Management handles cleaning of the shared spaces (bathrooms, bath/showers, hallways, vanity spaces, living/dining/kitchen area) once per week. But the general rule is that residents clean up after themselves and keep their own spaces clean as well.


    Who handles the trash/rubbish & recycling?

    Sapporo has a monthly calendar describing what type of garbage is to be thrown out on which day. Residents are responsible for sorting their waste appropriately into the shared spaces, and the daily garbage schedules will be decided and assigned to residents. The garbage collection point is a quick 20-second walk from the house.



    Is parking available?

    There are 2 spots available for either cars or motorcycles, and plenty of space for bicycles, either free of charge.


    Is smoking allowed?

    Smoking is not allowed inside the building, but there is an assigned smoking space outside. Smokers are requested to clean up after themselves and be aware not to bother others.


    Will I need to bring furniture or appliances?

    Each room has a desk, chair, bed, lighting (ceiling and lamp), curtains, and heater provided for the resident. The shared spaces have everything you’ll need as well, including fridge, oven, vacuum, dish rack, dishes/cutlery, sofa, television, etc. Residents will need to bring their own futon and blankets/pillow for use with the bed. Rental futon sets including pillows and sheets are available at request as well.


    How do the shared meals work?

    We eat together upstairs in the manager's dining room. The manager prepares 2 meals a week. Styles range from Mexican, Japanese, American, Korean, etc. If you have any allergies or preferences, please let us know!


    Can I re-arrange my bedroom?

    Yes! We're happy to re-orient your bed/desk however you wish, along with the filing cabinet and carpet. You can bring other furniture or instruments if you'd like as well.


    How can we get in touch? 

    Feel free to email us using the Contact form at the bottom of this page, and we should be able to get back to you shortly!

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